Our Ministers Are Facing Key Challenges

of ministers are leaving the
ministry. A majority within the
first five years of graduation.

of ministers say that personal and edu-
cational debt is one of the greatest
challenges they face.

of ministers feel that church leadership is
uninformed or disinterested in their
financial challenges.

A Partner for Life

We are committed to creating life-long partnerships with all ministers & congregations who wish to be in our network. At the Center, we provide training resources, curriculum, gifts and grants, coaching and mentoring throughout four areas of your ministry.

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  • Minister and Money
  • Minister and Congregation
  • Minister and Leaders
  • Minister and Neighborhood

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Network Church


We believe in you and the work that God is doing through you, so we want to provide you with some FREE resources to help encourage you! Become a Network Church today at no cost, and receive all of these benefits!

Advancing Church


We want to provide you with the full spectrum of networking, coaching, resources, and services designed to help you with your money, leadership, congregation, and neighborhood! Become an Advancing Church today, and receive all of these benefits!

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